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Consumers Considering Factors for Purchasing Ballpoint Pens


A weaker touch of pen is stronger than the strongest memory. From the very ancient period people try to record their activities through sketching various symbols and letters on various materials, viz, stones, leaves, papers etc. Till today this practice is going on. But the tools used for this purposes have been changed. Every educated person keeps his/ her invaluable information recorded with the touch of ballpoint pen. The use of ballpoint pens in our country started from 1980s. Earlier people used fountain pens for their writing purposes. Ballpoint pens were introduced as a cheap substitute for fountain pens. As it is cheap, people accepted it very enthusiastically. There are various brands of ball-point pens in the existing market. Any way, we took Rajshahi University campus as our research area. A huge number of students are taking part in study here. Moreover, a large number of teachers, officials, employees, and their children are also involved with study and clerical jobs (total number is more than 25000). Ballpoint pens are part and parcel of their everyday life. So we can say that Rajshahi University campus is a large and lucrative market for any ballpoint pen producing company. Here, we should note one more thing that people concerned with study purchase ballpoint pens not only for themselves but also for their dearest one as a gift item.

Literature Review

As it is a kind of primary research, no literature is available. For this reason no literature review is necessary here.

Statement of the Problem

We have noticed that people in this campus frequently change their brands for writing pens. They do not show loyalty in purchasing any brand. It indicates that no existing brand is giving them complete satisfaction.

Objectives of the Study

The study has the main goal to assist ball-pen producers by providing them some key information about the buyers’ buying behavior. This goal can be split into following objectives:

  1. To find out the prime characteristics of existing ballpoint pens those are given priority by the buyers.
  2. To find out the buyers’ expectations regarding performance, outfits, price for their dream ballpoint pens.


We will collect only primary data by using structured questionnaire. Rajshahi University campus will be the sample area and the sample size will be 100. We will follow random sampling procedure for data collection and required statistical treatment will be given to necessary data.

Rationality of the Study

Products that match properly with the buyers’ value chain activities will bring market share, yield profits, and gain brand loyalty and so on. So, marketers need to know about the buying behavior and expectations of their target consumers. This study will reveal consumers’ buying behavior for a ballpoint pen as well as additional information about the expected performance, outfits, and price of their dream ballpoint pen.

Time Schedule

Questionnaire Preparation10 days
Questionnaire Pretest5 days
Data Collection15 days
Data analysis & interpretation5 days
Report Preparation10 days

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