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Consumer Satisfaction of Grameen Phone in Rajshahi City


Modern age is the age of information technology. The technology of Email, Fax, Internet, Telephone, Mobile and others. Now the world has been turned into a global village. News/ message can be sent and received easily from one corner of the world to another through these ways. We are informed very quickly where and what is happening in the world. The businessmen are running their business easily sitting from a place.

Now a revolution of using cellular phone has created in our country, which has become very popular among the businessmen, employees, doctors and students. Japan had first innovated the cellular phone. I have been introduced in our country in 1991.But than it was not available because it was expensive at first time. Grameen phone has started their activities in the field of cellular phone on 26th March, 1997.Four mobile phone companies are serving in our country such as Aktel, City cell, Grameen and Sheba. We have selected our research tropic on consumer satisfaction of Grameen phone in Rajshahi City. Now the mobile business field is very competitive because many competitors are playing in this field. So any competitor may survive in this field so that they have to emphasis on the buyer value chain to satisfy the consumers.

Statement of problem

To operate this research we are facing some problems. Such as-

Literature review problem

Lack of available data

Financial problem

Lack of expert

Lack of experience

Lack of available time

Lack of relevant institute

Literature Review

As per we know there is no remarkable research on this field. But we have got some case study and secondary information on Consumer Satisfaction of Grameen phone in Rajshahi City (CSGR). So it is needed descriptive study, which help us to identify CSGR.

Objective of the study

Our main objective is how to satisfy target consumer of Rajshahi City through consumer’s value chain. But in that aspect we can also consider the following objectives:

To identify consumer life style pattern

To identifies the consumer’s tele communication problem and observes the nature of the problem.

To identify the users in this area

Consumers habit identification

Increasing rate of demand.

Research Methodology:

Research methodology is a strategy that is under taken by researcher for doing his research work. So research methodology is very important for doing the research work in a systematic and effective way.

Sampling Design Process:

Sampling design process includes four steps. These steps are closely interrelated and relevant to all aspect of marketing research project, from problem definition to the presentation of the result. There fore sample design should be integrated with all other decision in research project. CSGR for the Rajshahi city to gain an understanding the behavior of residents. Commercial subscribers, subscribers and users and non-users, stratify the respondents. After stratifying we select respondent randomly. Which respondent will select on random basis that respondent should have following qualification

Age 20 or above

Live in Rajshahi city at least 6 months of year

Steps in sampling design process are as follows

Target population: Adults meeting the qualification who live in Rajshahi during the survey period.

Sampling unit: We have taken 70 sample units.

Sampling Technique: We have taken stratified sampling and after stratifying we have selected sample randomly.

Sample size: We have taken 70 samples. They are as follows-

ClassificationNumber of samples
Commercial Subscriber10
Non user10

Sources of data

Two kinds data are needed to make this proposed research. Those are as following as-

Primary source

Secondary source

We collect primary data throw personal interview. Secondary data will be collected from possible published media. Such as journals, magazines, newspapers and web site.

Data analysis and interpretation: After collecting the data we will assemble it through editing, coding, tabulation and analysis the data graphicaly. To interpretation those data we will use mean, median and mode.

Variable will be considered: Which factors will be considered here as independent variables those as follows:

Income label

Social status


Education and others

Justification of the study

Cellular phone provides us easy communication system with low cost and time. This type of easy communication like cellular is not possible by another. A man can communicate from one place to another place under network area. If we identify consumer’s behavior, consumers purchase decision process, consumer’s knowledge about mobile and their value chains so that it will be easy for the Grameen Phone how to satisfy the consumer. It will be helpful for the future researcher to do research on this field. It will also create awareness to the non-users to know the benefit of mobile phone. This research also helps the mobile phone company to operate their marketing activity efficiently to increase sales. When the sale will be increased at the time the mobile service be extended in this city and mobile will be available here to improve people life style.


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