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A Case Study on Problem and Prospects of Bangladesh Tourism Industries


Tourism is considered as an important human activity, which has resulted in identifying it as the major foreign exchange earning industry in all developing countries like Bangladesh. It is also considered as a single largest industry in the developed world. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) bears a deed which shown below partly-







Peregrination is the basic human trait. People wants to travel, people has hidden curiosity for things which are unseen and undiscovered to him. They want to discover and drive to them. For that drive man travel one part to another part of the world. And the concept of tourism is originated from here. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S) says you travel the world.

We know that Parjatan means were the man lives permanently, when they go to another place for recreation, education, searching the information, travel infrequently – it is called Parjatan and also industry. Bangladesh is a land of natural splendor. Tourism has made remarkable contribution to the socio-cultural life of the people of Bangladesh, because tourism is the single largest industry in the world today. As per statistical issued by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) more than 225 million people earn their livelihood from tourism, with an estimated 1600 thousands million US dollars invested by them, its 11.1% share of gross world products will established tourism as the most significant factor in the entire global economy. In the aspect of Bangladesh there are 906 people are directly related containing their posts. Development plans of BPC (1972-1990). At present tourism is considered to be the world’s largest industry in term of gross output estimated at US $ 4.4 million in 1998 and projected at US $7.1 trillion in 2005. According to world trade organization (WTO), world tourism grew by an estimated 7.4 percent in 2000… its highest growth rate in nearly a decade and almost doubles the increase of 1999. All regions of the world hosted more tourists in 2000, although the fastest developing area continued to be East Asia and the Pacific. In line with the above trend, Bangladesh has witnessed a steady growth in tourists’ arrival during the last few years. Tourists’ arrival in Bangladesh in 2000 was 200000 which is 15.6 percent higher than 1999. From a developing country’s perspective, tourism is important to Bangladesh because it is labor intensive; provides a wide range of different employment- not only in the main centers but also in rural areas; employs more women and young people than most other industries; creates opportunities for many small entrepreneurs- and for the development of a wide range of small and medium enterprises. *1

Foreign tourists arrival in Bangladesh and foreign currency earnings from tourism sector have been showing steadily growth in recent years. In the year 2001 a total of 207199 tourists arrived in Bangladesh, which reveals an increase of 4.1% compared to the year before and increase of 4.12% compared to the year before. *2

Importance of the study

Tourism plays a vital role in the socio- economic development of many countries like Bangladesh in the world today. During the last four decades, tourism has played a significant role and there have been radical improvements in the development and growth of tourism. In the new millennium it has become the prime source of earning foreign currency investment, poverty alleviation and provide job opportunities in our country. Moreover necessary infrastructure facilities are built.

The importance of tourism industries in our country may be discussed in below ways or in below viewpoints:

Importance of tourism sector in the national and socio-economic environment:

Tourism, to day, is recognized as a trade and industry throughout the world. It has also been considered as the single largest industry. It brings significant benefits to the balance of payment and general economy of the country by augmenting national income and other socio-economic activities. Bangladesh is a developing country but still her difficulties are immense. The country has achieved political sovereignty but economic freedom is yet to be gained. We can earn foreign currency by providing various services. Such as hotel, motel, air, from shopping, the tourist guide’s services income etc. We can show below the total income during five years:

Income yearTotal income (TK. in million)


We know that “Culture is nothing the way of life.” Foreign people al times blame us that “We are crab-cultured country.” It is shame for us. At present the cross-cultural system we can see in different society, it is responsible it mostly. I think, and it is hydride or develops culture. As a result we can go forward by achieving it. Life style is changed increasingly day-by-day. Country’s archaeological remains bearing testimonies to its glorious past, the temples and mosques, the shines and saints, music and festivals will afford pleasure and knowledge to people from far and wide. The educational and moral values accruing from such cultural tourism will immensely contribute to socio-economic sector of the country.

Development opportunities:

Tourism is mostly a service industry. Wherefore it is more labor oriented than other factors of production. Mechanized atomization and computerized process may substitute other industries to a greater extent but in tourism service and particularly, personnel service is countable. Moreover the wide varieties of choice in tourism very seldom allow atomization. It is therefore needless to say explain thet tourism industry offers more employment opportunities than other industries and tourism industry can create employment opportunities and productive labor force in a great volume then other industries.

Development of infrastructure:

It indicates the standard of living. For providing service there is needed sea-beach facilities, hotel, motel facilities and well way also. There are constructed according to needs. Moreover specialization in tourism transport facilities also balances the standardization of the overall transport service.

Better marketing of non-traditional products and growth of small industries:

Attempts are being made to export non-traditional products like handicrafts, other cottage industries products. Several organizations are also putting their all out efforts to popularized and market these products abroad. The cottage industries have a spontaneous growth in every village in Bangladesh and it place one of the most important role in the national economy. Tourism obviously offers a better marketing opportunity of these products in the world.

These are the main importance of tourism industries in Bangladesh.

Objectives of the study

The present study on tourism problems and prospects in Bangladesh is mainly a descriptive research. The main objectives of this study were to conjoin the theoretical aspects of tourism to the prevailing tourism environment of Bangladesh, analysis of tourism inventory of Bangladesh, market and marketing strategies analysis and putting forward some pragmatic suggestions and policy recommendations.

The research has the overall objective of find out major problems and prospects of tourism marketing in Bangladesh for improvement of this sector. It has also the following objectives:

  1. To build up our knowledge about this sector for future action in this field.
  2. To find out how many people involved in this sector and how much capital invest for earning.
  3. To find out the service pattern for the tourist and the problems faces by the foreign tourist for solution of these.
  4. To find out the role of this sector’s income at government income.
  5. To find out the role of private organization for developing of this industry and the availability of services related to tourism.
  6. Increase investment:
    1. Emphasize non-Govt. organization.
    2. Emphasize Govt. organization (Infrastructure development)
  7. To inform foreign tourist about our tourism industries.

These are the objectives of tourism industries of Bangladesh.

Statement of the problems

There are a lot of tourism spots here, but so many problems they faces. The characteristics of problem are distinct. These are as follows:

  1. No proper knowledge about it. What will be included and who will be included and what type of industry will be included- we don’t know.
  2. There are many laws on it undertaking the government but no implementation.
  3. The rules and regulation is outdated, because it is 10 years ago.
  4. The person who will provide better instructions they are not included there.
  5. Our country image in internationally is very bad; we are familiar as ‘ crab-culture country’.
  6. There are 10 ministries are included and they work whimsically. Now need one specialist ministry.
  7. Lack of institutional knowledge.
  8. Risk environment exists.
  9.  Lack of government and non-government organizations involvement.
  10.  Lack of insufficient infrastructural facilities.
  11. Absence of adequate publicity and publications.
  12. Lack of proper human resource.
  13. Insufficient transport system.
  14. The decays of religious value.

The foreign tourists face the below problems:

ProblemsTourists %
Weak transport system47.27
Weak medical care16.36
Lack of resident20.00
Lack of safety20.00
Lack of sound environment34.55

Literature review

Professor Dr. Syed Rashidul Islam is the specialist on tourism industries, because he already Ph.D. degree on tourism. And he is the first creator of tourism research book in Bangladesh.

When I study his book Problems and prospect of Bangladesh tourism Industry, and face to face interview- prothom alo, 06 October 2002.

I also study development of tourism in Bangladesh, Comprehensive plan for development of tourism in Bangladesh, Tourism statistic of Bangladesh, 2001 and 2002.

According to Dr. Syed Rashidul, all things, (it means all kinds of service like wine, female and other services) have to provide to the tourists because they paid big amount for it. But he has discouraged on five stars hotel. It is vague word for us. On the other hand, only culture is the responsible for our religion, cultural, social and mental decay. He didn’t describe it clearly. I seem it is vague his study. I don’t understand that if we keep the western culture in our country then will be kept our religion, culture, social and mental decay.  We think it may bear badly instead of good. On consideration the above matters how we can increase the image of our tourism industries.

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